Sunday, February 8, 2009

Inconclusive Voting

Well, the poll on my hair is inconclusive..... but this faboo photo of me by Julia Newman has helped me to come to a decision. This was taken this past summer in my short, short phase and I kinda' like it. Even though a friend tells me it screams "lesbian, lesbian." I think I am ready to fend off the advances. And, well, it isn't like I was fighting off the men when I had long hair so chances are nothing will come to pass. Besides, I am long past caring what my exterior appearances scream. If people want to know, they'll have to come talk to me.


LYC said...

You know you want to so....I will continue to wear my hair long in case you feel any haircut remorse I have enough to make a quick wig.

Michelle said...

Then go for it!

JAF said...

Great. I've been meaning to ask you out.