Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kitchen Magic

This photo is to convey to my boyfriend that in his absence I am both eating food that requires cooking and cleaning the pans afterwards.

My boyfriend is the world's best housekeeper- bar none. He knows every tip to make your world cleaner, safer & more efficient. He leaves Heloise in the dust.

One of his tips is to use the tin foil liner from the broiling pan to scrub the scunge off the rack.... so as to not scunge up the dish scrubby too much- sort of pre-scrub descunging.

His other big tip is to turn on the overhead light so that I can actually see what I am suppose to be cleaning. I am pretty sure that in the wild I would be dead within weeks.

1 comment:

JAF said...

au contraire...if you're used to cleaning in the dark (or in my case, not cleaning at all) I figure we'd do just fine in the wild.