Thursday, September 18, 2008

Not So Sneaky Government

So my most recent post has garnered me some snooping around by the US Sargent At Arms. Whoever this person or organization is they have checked out my blog several times because I expressed anger at the actions of my senator. I can't believe that in a state the size of NH that a senator's staff couldn't do their own snooping around.

Well.... all they have found is a middle aged woman who is wacky about her garden and dog. And angry about her government. Why don't they stop spying and start doing something constructive? Although it is nice to know that someone in my government is paying attention.


Michelle said...

Hey, and if we all post something, this will keep them buried for hours. 2 or 3 even!

SMC said...

I added one more thought in my go back and read it again. Still angry.

Yeah... keep them busy so that they can't do anything destructive.

LYC said...

Yes indeed it's clear that if real estate prices had remained impossibly artifically high our economy would be back in the black for certain...never mind the people who can't afford housing, heat, healthcare or the things our senator enjoys at the expense of an artificial economy. Now we can all enjoy the trickle-down effect of having to pay for bailouts. Great thinking.

smith kaich jones said...

This is ridiculous! I mean, you pay this man's salary & you get this crap in return?

This is why I'm more Libertarian than anything - I don't trust ANY of them.

And OMG! This housing crap. (Crap is apparently my word of the day.) For the last few years I've been watching people buy homes I KNEW they couldn't afford & wondered what was wrong with me. Thankfully, I actually understood I couldn't afford what was out there & so didn't try. I blame the buyers, the loan companies & everyone. They ALL knew this was, well . . . crap, but everybody wants something for nothing & here we are. What a mess.

Kudos from another small business owner.
:) Debi

Michelle said...

Actually, on a serious note, we could all blog about how that caught the attention of hte govt, and make a big stink about it.
can you tell i am a rabble rouser?