Monday, September 29, 2008

A Day In The Life Of My Garden- September 28, 2008

I started putting my garden to bed today. It must have been 70 degrees and steamy humid. I was wearing a T-shirt. While it seems a little early to be whacking everything back, the weather was too nice to resist. The shortened days are making everything droop- Peonies are getting wilty, the cat mint is turning a not so pretty yellow.

These are some of my fall asters. The hot pinks are called Alma Plotschke. They are suppose to stand up to the weight of their flowers.... but perhaps the lousy economy has them drooping a little. The blue ones in the back are real stunners. The foliage is to die for and the blue-purple offers respite from the ubiquitous lavender. None of that nasty foliage die back on the lower tiers like most asters. They were inherited from the previous owner so, alas, are unidentified.

The echinacea is just dark brown seed heads. I leave them because I like them. The clematis pods are a fluffy counterpoint.

My perpetual favorite- Karl Foerster grass. It is turning a nice orange while the plumes are buffy colored. There are a few Clara Curtis Mums still in bloom in the front.

My recently identified (by Black Swamp Girl) Sedum Cauticolum. The foliage is getting more yellow while the pink blossoms are deepening to the most lovely shade of pink/lavender. Very choice in my book!

I have to laugh that my garden is starting to look as barren as it does in early spring. I walk around it a little wistfully. Another year gone.


Michelle said...

it still looks beautiful!

LYC said...

It's still pretty...I have garden envy.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Wow... I'll admit, I've never looked at asters before and thought, "Wow, I need to get some of those..." but I just had that thought now. And Karl Foerster is very cool-looking, too. (I am convinced, but now I just need room!)

It's all so lovely, Sarah. But I have to disagree, I think that you actually ID'd your sedum... in response to me trying to lead you astray. *grin*