Saturday, September 27, 2008

If A Branch Falls In The Woods....

I was on my morning walk with my little dog Henry when I heard the distinctive crack of a branch. I didn't even bother to look up. I just yanked Henry's lead and skedaddled forward as I heard the branch fall to the ground behind me. It was small- about as big around as a sausage and 10 feet long.

Many times in the past I have walked by fallen sticks, branches, limbs and sometimes even whole trees. They are laid out across the road. If they are small enough I kick them to the edge of the road or pick them up and heave them into the woods. I can't help thinking about a car coming across one of these too quickly and causing damage to the car or its passengers. On occasion I try to imagine at what time of day the branch gave out. Would it have been at an hour when there was passing traffic? Is it possible that a pedestrian such as myself could have been near by?

When I cross country ski through the back country around my home I see lots of fallen trees. I tend to be a lot more cautious when I head into the puckerbrush. If the snow has been heavy and it is still stuck to the trees I try to stay in the open fields. If I was hit by a a tree in the middle of nowhere it could be days before I am found. I could be dead from exposure, injury or even lack of breakfast.

But what are the chances of being hit by a falling limb while out on a walk? I am intrigued by the randomness of it. So does this make me lucky or unlucky to have witnessed it?


Cookie Sunshine said...

I just realized that I know you! I've visited you before but it was a while back! YOU are Michelle's dear friend!!! I'm so glad to have hooked up with you again.

I think the statistics are probably out there that will say something about how often a branch is going to fall that close to you in the woods. My guess is that you are fortunate to have see it happen because that means that you will not have it happen again for quite some time. I think you and puppy are safe.

By the way, I adore your banner and your blog.


smith kaich jones said...

Lucky! 3 or so years ago, huge trees began to fall in my neighborhood. HUGE trees. Been there forever. But we'd gotten a lot of rain & they had shallow root systems & over they came. I was carrying a neighbor's cat back across the street to his house - he seemed very nervous, didn't want to go, but I could tell more rain was coming & knew his owner would want him safe & warm inside. By the time I reached the curb he pushed off from my chest, leapt into the air & hightailed it home. I turned back to my house & heard a huge WHOOOMPF behind me. Turned around & one of those aforementioned giant trees had fallen right across our street, just a few feet away from our driveway, covering the next door neighbor's car & hurting part of his roof. And I always regretted that I'd turned around. If I'd delayed just another few seconds - what a sight. I should've paid more attention to what that cat was trying to tell me.

So yes. Lucky.

Tammie Lee said...

Debi just read my post about seeing a tree in the woods fall yesterday. She mentioned this post of yours. Fun to see we are thinking about, writing about limbs and trees falling in the same week. I always wondered what it would be like to hear/see a tree fall! Now i know.