Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Letter To One of My Goddamned Senators

I am a moderate Democrat. If the Republican party weren't quite so unwavering on social issues I might even consider voting Republican. My boyfriend is constantly telling me how smart Senator Sununu is and what he does for our state of NH. He insists that I should be voting for him. I read about him in the Union Leader and listen when I hear him quoted on NHPR in an effort to learn more about him. I can certainly agree on his stance on privacy issues. All of that flew out the window this morning.

On NHPR this morning I heard Senator Sununu say that all of our economic woes stem from falling real estate values. What? It might not have something to do with inappropriate lending practices? That people were being sold mortgages that they really couldn't afford? And that these unscrupulous loans were then packaged up and sold as bonds to all sorts of investors? That perhaps the greed of people on Wall Street was blinding them to any ethical considerations?
As if that wasn't uninformed enough, Senator Sununu went on to say that other than the falling real estate values that there was no real evidence that the rest of the economy was unstable. He seems to be mouthing the McCain party line- the fundamentals are good.

I have to wonder what windowless silo Senator Sununu has been living in for the past year. As a small business owner I watch my business being eroded. I speak to other small business owners who are tightening their belts and trying to figure out how they will make it through and how long this recession will last. I think if Senator Sununu would take off his rose colored glasses and talk to some of us on the street he might find the picture is not so rosy.

I am so angry at his statements that I could just spit. He is either arrogant or ignorant- one or the other. And I really have to wonder what kind of representation I am receiving in Washington if he truly thinks everything is okay.

I did actually send this to Senator Sununu.

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Michelle said...

Sarah isn't even immune to the political thing!
I agree, tell them what they want to hear. I may WANT to hear that the economy is good, but that is only when it is actually good.