Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lap Dog

Walking through a field with Henry yesterday- he swings his head from side to side licking the dew off of the grass. He must be a lap dog.

I crack myself up.... I think I need to talk to more adults.


Michelle said...

yup, more adult conversation is just what you need.....lets make a date for September!

smith kaich jones said...

No, no. I like your silliness!

SMC said...

SKJ- Phew! People got it. I thought it was TOO silly.

Michelle- September..... we haven't even seen the start of summer, but September sounds good.

Michelle said...

hearing about your schedule, that just logically seems like the next available time!

LYC said...

I got it right away....Remember:
No kitty, you can't have any butter,
It isn't good for your heart.
Humans don't have hearts.
And that's why they don't give butter to kitties.