Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Hurdle That Is My Brain

Camera flaw too.

I have a fatal personality flaw. I see things in black & white... and am unwavering in my opinions about those things. Mostly this boils down to values & morality. I thought this was my cross to bear because I am a Capricorn, but my little sister confirmed that she also suffers from this flaw. She is an Aries.

"It is Dad. We inherited this from him- and he is a Gemini. Mum is nice to everyone. Dad carries grudges."

Ergghh... even when the behavior is self destructive I can't help but stick to my guns. I mean really, would the world stop spinning if I made a choice out of expediency and potential financial gain?

Nevertheless it makes me cranky that I am having my arm twisted to support an organization that is a boys network which does me no good. These people spend very little to no money at my business, so what will I lose? My reputation?

And what is that compared to my self determination?


LYC said...

It all sounds it too late to establish crankiness as part of your reputation?

Michelle said...

no, not crankiness, I'd say she is firmly headed towards curmudgeon.

JAF said...