Sunday, March 29, 2009


I had been dreaming of making homemade corn tortillas for a while. The boyfriend bought a tortilla press a few weeks ago so there was really nothing standing between me and my dream.

I had found a couple different recipes for tortillas. Some called for shortening and some didn't. I decided to try the recipe that came with the press to start: 2 cups masa harina, 1 1/3 cups water & 1 teaspoon salt. It doesn't get more basic than that.

After allowing the mixture to sit for 20 minutes we got to work pressing tortillas. You have a choice of using wax paper or plastic wrap to line the press. We tried wax paper first. It stuck terribly so we threw the whole shebang in the garbage. After a bit of cursing and straightening of plastic wrap we put the first ball of dough in the press and Presto! One corn tortilla! But I had neglected to properly center the ball of dough so it squeezed unevenly out the side of the press. Lesson learned.

We made the whole batch with varying degrees of success. I think a little shortening in the recipe would help it stick together a little better. I will try that next time. But I must say they were delicious even if they didn't stay together as well I would like. They have a nice tooth and are not overwhelmingly corn-y. We turned them into some delicious shrimp tacos.


JAF said...

If you need something to help it stick together a little better, try amaranth.

SMC said...

I think I may save the amaranth for some up coming home repair projects.

fishnet said...

maybe you should seek out some Inca indians for assistance with corn products....and home repairs.

JAF said...

I'm being lazy and sending this to your blog figuring you won't post it...but I really, really want you to check this out.

SMC said...

JAF- that recipe looks pretty good actually... or are you trying tp poison me? And it doesn't require too many wierdo indredients- like xanthum gum.