Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shaved Puppy

Before and after puppy shots.

It is that time of year when I start thinking about getting Henry clipped. After a long winter's worth of hair growth he starts displaying mats under his ears and on his elbows. Everyone asks why I don't just brush him.... well, he screams like I am poking him with pins if I try. So mostly I just ignore his hair until it starts posing a health risk (matted fur, skin issues, hot spots).

I decided to try clipping him myself, which wasn't as terrible as I predicted for either Henry or me. He struggled but not mightily. I did a decent job with only a few stripes of too closely shaved fur.

After he is clipped everyone says how skinny he is- which he was before too, just less noticeably so. People also notice his spots and freckles. I love that his little body feels like velvet after he is clipped.

I love my little guy in all his guises.


JAF said...

mmmmmm he is a good dog. I usually wait till it gets warmer to shave ours but they look SO much shaggier this year. BTW: my next post might be about washing my cat - which is a new thing with me. Hey, the word verification is "haridg" sort of puts you in mind of hairy dog, doesn't it?

Michelle said...

I WAS going to say that I forgot how skinny Henry was, but, um, you kind of stole that from me in your post. Now he absolutly cannot be around Ty, there is less padding for her teeth to catch on to!