Saturday, January 31, 2009

Deep & Weighty Question

My hair goes up and down in length. This current haircut is bordering on the long side - for me.

I use to have long hair but the truth is that I am lazy and would just pull it back into a ponytail so that I looked like a camp counselor. The next stab at femininity and style was to get a bob. I hate hair in my eyes so I was constantly pulling at the bangs until I looked like Spanky from Our Gang.

So I finally took the plunge about 8 years ago and just got it all cut off. Less is more, although in my case, less is still a damn lot. My hair is VERY thick & course. If I don't tame it with "product" (I find that term hilarious. It means anything that you put into your hair, yet everyone knows what you are talking about) it would stick straight up like a porcupine. But it beats messing with brushes, combs, hairdryers, curling irons, etc. Some gunk, my fingers and 1/2 minute of time and I am good to go.

The length goes up and down depending on my mood. Sometimes I think I look too masculine and I grow it out a little. Sometimes I feel like being hard edged and city- sophisticated and I get it cut short. My boyfriend actually prefers it super short. He must be the only man in the world who doesn't prefer flowing tresses on the pillow case.

But, for the life of me, I can't figure out if this haircut is good or if it makes me look like a Q-tip. I am allowing you to help me decide with the help of a poll to the right.

Although you must understand that my solution to looking like a Q-tip is to cut it all off so that it is super short. Maybe I am just talking degrees of Q-tippiness here.


Michelle said...

you forgot one option in your poll, "yes, the Q-tippiness (that made me laugh out loud) is there, but it is all good."

JAF said...

I am voting for "OMG, fabulous haircut..." BUT I am NOT going to ask you who did it.

I have always thought you had a great haircut (so did my mom, the two times she went into your gallery she said, "that lady has a great haircut") but the other day I almost said to you that it was a little bit longer than I had seen it in at least a while and I really liked it!

JAF said...

hey, what happened to Truth or Truthiness?

SMC said...

Hmmmm.. Louise just informed me that people might be voting twice which would skew the results... something else to worry about.