Wednesday, January 7, 2009

And Now For Something Completely Different

A dog owner I know refers to those intimate names you call your pet when nobody is listening as "bedroom names." I have a whole list of names that I call Henry, which would be embarrassing except I am so crazy-in-love with him that I don't care what people think.

Here they are:
Fluffy Muffins
Mr Fluffy Muffins
Senor Fluffy Muffins
Fluffy Muffoon
Flurfily Murfles
Little Man
Big Guy
Baby Dog

I hope this admission has not lowered me in the eyes of any of my readers. Really- look at those eyes and the rakish insouciance of his ears- how could you resist?


Michelle said...

And Mr. Fluffly Muffins takes it all in stride

LYC said...

How bout: Swee Pie Kins, Mumma luz-you? This is always spoken in a soft, falsetto. It seems to relax the kitties.

SMC said...

Well I did forget "Happy Boy" which I tend to say on our morning walks when he does his frisky dance. I don't usually do falsetto.... but I do sing most of those names. And badly.

smith kaich jones said...

Well, I was just fixin' to ask if you sang to him. I do that - I just change the words of real songs to cutesy words. It's pretty embarrassing if I get caught.

:) Debi

SMC said...

It is embarrassing enough to be caught talking like that to your own animal, but quite recently I was caught bedroom talking to some guys ponies. I call them alternately "my pretty ponies" or "handsome boys." I also change the words to songs. I had a fabulous rendition of the Hallelujah chorus from the Messiah which I adjusted into an ode to my Golden Retriever.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

How about this motley list, from first to last in terms of evolution:
- Ococ
(Coco backwards, because I wasn't enamored of her name--my ex picked it out)
- Smock-Smock
- The Smocker
- The Smickens
(Those were all him. I have no idea.)
- Fu-Schmickens
(My take on his insanity, and an ode to Fu-Schnickens, who sand the Shaquille O'Neal "What's Up Doc?" song)
- Wookie-Dog
(she makes those noises, as my friends pointed out after I got divorced and the dog and I moved into our own house)
- The Wog
(for short)
- The Woogie
(obviously, an endearmentism of "The Wog")
- Snoogie-Woogie
- Snoog
- Snoogums
- Snoggins

There are also the standard things like, "Miss Coco," "Pretty Girl," "Doggy Woggy," etc. But they pale in comparison to the craziness above.

Oh, and you have no idea how many famous songs were "written" about my dog. Standards like, "Me and Coco McGee" (her favorite--I used to sing her to sleep with that when she was a sad little puppy) "Dogs," (a take on "Rats" by Pearl Jam) and the "Cocomotion."

I can only admit to all of this on YOUR blog, by the way--not on my own, where my family occasionally drops by!!! *grin*

Michelle said...

SMC, SKJ, BSG... I think the song thing is the sign of a "true" "Girl who loves her dog" when I sniff one of these out, I ask them if they have a song, they always look shocked for a moment and then blush and admit. I think many think they are alone in this

JAF said...

I just remembered singing Soldier Boy to my dearly departed beloved Golden. Roby is too much of a scrapper for singing but at 50 lbs he still crawls into my lap and answers to Sweetie Pie.