Saturday, January 1, 2011

More Water Over the Dam

Another new year has arrived and a lot of water has gone over the dam this past year. I suspect a bucket or two to go over in my future. Time never seems to stop.

My resolution this year? I am going to be truly selfish. Not just my usual day to day, garden variety sort of selfishness. I am going to be over the top selfish. Me, me, me.

There are some out there who may be saying "So what is different? You have always been selfish"

Admittedly so. But I think by being half-hearted in my selfishness I am serving no one's best interest. I sort of ask for what I want. I sort of demand things. I sort of take time from people.

By being over the top in my selfishness I will be completely true to my desires. By being completely true I will not only be completely honest, but I will be making myself happiest, which is good for everyone.

I have been working up to this. I have practiced on a few people. It takes focus and thoughtfulness. I am surprised at the results. And gratified.


Michelle said...

Do you need affirmations for this?

SMC said...

All affirmations happily accepted at this site!