Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Feeling A Bit Peckish

I feel like this a lot. When I am with someone I want to touch their face and be nose to nose. I like physical connection when layered on top of like.

Especially that third photo down... pushing into some one's personal space as if to say "Hello! I 'm still here. Pay attention!"

I use to drive my husband crazy... I was the driver in the family and we would take a lot of pleasure cruises up the coast of Maine or to Northern NH looking for antique stores we hadn't yet discovered. We would also talk a lot. I can't remember about what. But I would lean over into his space frequently, proffering the top of my head and demand that he kiss it. He would eventually grow weary of this task and just start to peck the top of my head with his fingers while making a kissing noise. I knew that he was cheating, but it was still satisfying for me. At least he never, ever said "no" completely. And his exasperation with my demand was a little bit cute.

I am guessing this makes me a little bit needy.......


stbensgirl said...

I was blog-cruising today and happened upon yours -- lovely! (You DON'T think too much -- seems OK to me!) Can you tell me about the photos here with the big cat and the dog? What is the story?

Laura Leigh

SMC said...

I found those photos on the internet. See more here http://tinyurl.com/5sd2f54

It was really the inspiration for that post. I was definitely the leopard in my marriage... constantly getting into my husband's personal space with requests for affection.