Monday, September 7, 2009

A Quick Look-See

Nothing too special going on the garden beyond its usual wonderfulness. Although it could be mistaken for Versailles, what with all the weeding, sculpting & primping I have been doing. I am still loving this new sculpture.

My hydrangea didn't bloom very well this year. I experimented by cutting it all back to the ground this past fall. That could be its problem. Or the lack of sunshine coupled with too much rain this summer could be the cause of its non-performance. Not a huge loss (like the Rose Chafer Beetles eating my Peonies), but something to be noted.

This is the best Hosta I own. Its gold color, seer-sucker leaves and sheer size make it a knock out. I wish I knew what variety it was, but many of my Hostas were saved an ignominious death in a formerly well tended garden going quickly to ruin.

I love fall.

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Blackswamp_Girl said...

I vote for the cutting down, especially if it's an older hydrangea. (Older as in not purchased in the past few years.) It should actually be doing better with all that sunshine and rain!

I feel like not much is going on in my garden, either. In fact, I'm about to chalk this year up as one of the worst gardening years in my short career... :(