Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Had The Time of My Life

He isn't Patrick Swayze, but....

The other day at work my young colleague announced "I just have to say this. I am so sad that Patrick Swayze died. I just loved him in Dirty Dancing."

Really now. I did some math and then asked her if she was even born when it was made.

"Two years before- in 1985."

How did she know when this movie was made?!?!?

"Oh, I have a copy of it. All of my friends do."

I confessed I had never seen the movie so she generously lent it to me. Last night I watched it. The critics were right. It was a bad movie- hokey plots, bad lines, predictable outcomes. But I can see why the movie has staying power. Patrick Swayze is every girl's dream of the misunderstood, bad boy who really is noble, intuitive, sensitive and don't forget "Oh my God, look at that body!" While the movie was undeniably steamy, there was still a lot of innocence to it. The steamiest scenes were always on the dance floor. The film made me smile- right down to the oft quoted "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" and Swayze's athletic leap off a stage. I don't think a woman in the world would kick him out of bed for eating crackers.

I wonder how I had managed to never see this iconic film. Where was I in 1987? Perhaps I had just moved to Taos, New Mexico and was too hip to partake of the death knell of disco. But my youth is complete now that I have seen Dirty Dancing. And I, too, am sad that Patrick Swayze died.


smith kaich jones said...

This movie used to be a guilty pleasure of mine, until I discovered that every woman I know loves it. Guilty pleasure en masse, I guess.

Glad you have joined the rest of us. :)


fishnet said...

this boy was in a lot of "kind-of cheesy" movies and had somewhat limited range as an actor, but was never "bad" and had a certain swagger that kept him afloat. if you like "dirty d." then check out "ghost" w/demi moore, "point break"...his first - "the outsiders" and his last "roadhouse". too bad he died so young because he might have hit that one role that propelled him beyond "dirty d." a la mickey rourke.