Sunday, June 21, 2009

Night Out

I don't go out very often- for various reasons. Chief among those reasons is that I always have my dog with me and if it is too hot or too cold I can't leave him in the car. I don't do this often so I don't feel too guilty about abandoning my little muffin to the privations of a 4 seated vehicle with complete protection from the elements and any marauding tigers.

After the last opening at my gallery Michelle and I stepped across the street to Hermanos for a nibble and a tipple. There was a big Don McLean concert at the CCA and it is motorcycle week in NH so service was mighty slow. It took forever to get a drink and even longer to get some nachos, but, you know what? I didn't care. Michelle & I had a lot of catching up to do. If they had served us any faster we wouldn't have been able to drive home.

We laughed, we gestured, we made fun of each others flaws, we used improper language and we laughed some more. It is good to do that once in a while with a female friend. I think both of us needed to leave it all behind for a few hours.

Then we made our way back to our cars. Michelle was shocked at Henry's level of neediness after a two hour break. There was whining, crying, jumping & licking. He wouldn't get out of my lap. It is a level of neediness that I wouldn't tolerate in any other being. Michelle took a picture of our reunion... and then a few of her pocketbook. She is so arty.


Michelle said...

I AM ! I AM arty!

JAF said...

Love Love Love the hair!