Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day In The Life Of My Garden- June 16, 2009

I know, I know ... it is already June 20th and I am posting pictures from the 16th. These poppies are pretty much gone by now but every morning this week I would look out the back window, through the rain, and look at them.

I came to the conclusion that orange is not much of a team player. It just doesn't go with anything and it is an awfully insistent color- Look at me! Look at me!

I do think the Husker Red Penstemon foliage manages to lend it a little elegance by toning down the whole display. There is also a dark purple lupine growing behind. (Oh yeah- I TOTALLY planned that!) I also just ignore the fact that the poppies are too loud and just love them for what they are.

Looking up the length of the garden is lovely right now. The Baths Pink Dianthus and Veronica are lovely and the Coronation Yarrow will be pulling up right behind it- probably by the end of June.

With all the rain my Tim Rowan platter has been chock-a-block full. It is Henry's favorite watering station. I am not sure why. His bowl is always full in the house but he will go out for a spin around the yard and absolutely have to stop for a sip from this particular location. The platter looks good with the Snow In Summer in full swing.... creates a softness to counter the hard lines.

And an artsy fartsy photo of me in my new reflecting ball. I bought the silver globe at a yard sale for $1. This pedestal previously had a clear yellow lamp fixture globe.

This is my tongue in cheek approach to garden ornamentation. As a child I always loved these globes. Their beautiful colors (pink! blue! purple!) were so enticing. I associated them with wealth & taste- funny concepts for such a young girl, but being a Capricorn I am all about social climbing. And what better way to scale the social ladder than with tacky lawn ornaments? (Read about LYC's recent brush with garden ornaments here.)

This particular one was purchased 13 years ago at what my husband thought was a yard sale, but was really some one's zealously decorated yard. The owner finally parted with it for $25 claiming it was hand carved granite. The money was worth the right to retell the tale of our cement pedestal with affixed electrical fixture.

Like my poppies need any more tarting up......

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