Thursday, November 20, 2008

Am I Having Fun Yet?

I went out to eat with my friend Jen last night. We ate good food and had even better conversation. She makes me laugh so hard I need to change my underwear when I get home. She thinks this photo makes her look like she only has one eye. I disagree.... but maybe it looks like one of them is a glass eye. What do you think?

This is pretty much how I decide who I want to spend my time with. Do they make me laugh? Hard? Life is too short to not be laughing all the time.

Well.... if they feed me creme brulee I will spend time with them too.

1 comment:

JAF said...

You are absolutely hilarious - besides being inspirational, You cannot even begin to imagine how I burst out laughing when I saw this -- totally unexpected -- I have to call Jim now and get him on-line. BTW had a fantastic time last night. Just what the doctor ordered!