Saturday, December 4, 2010

Probably No One Is Reading At This Point....

....which is fine by me. I can get back to my original goal which was to work on my writing/communicating/story telling skills. It is far easier when you aren't writing to an audience.

I found myself worrying about what someone else was thinking recently. It rolled around my brain like a washer set to an extra rinse cycle.... over and over and over. What if I was misreading the communication cues? What if I was getting ahead of a conversation by second guessing a response? What if I was layering my hopes, dreams and previous experience onto a current conversation?

Ahh... after rolling that thought around for a while I realized it didn't matter what the other person thought and I acted on the experience I was having.

I feel better now.

Doesn't Henry look ridiculous in a tutu? I love Henry and my nieces who dress him that way.


Wendy Barlow said...

From blogger to blogger, I just wanted you to know I read your blog and enjoyed your words. I've felt the same way.

SMC said...

Thanks Wendy... I always wonder why it takes me so long to remember what should be a universal truth. It is the mental gymnastics that wear me out!