Friday, June 4, 2010


So I think there is a story in this somewhere.

Since I got my dog Henry and started walking a paved route I have noticed that there is a serial banana peel thrower who lives on our road. There are peels thrown hither and yon. Sometimes on the roadside, sometimes in the grass, sometimes fresh, sometimes wizened and decayed.I don't see them everyday.... but that could be the scavenging of the local fauna thwarting my daily banana peel viewing.

It makes me laugh to find these peels- not sure why. I can imagine someone climbing into their car every morning, gripping their breakfast on the go. They seem regular enough to always grab a banana but not so OCD that they begin and end their eating habit at the exact same time- thus throwing the peel in the same spot every day. Perhaps they have a potassium deficiency and the doctor ordered a banana a day? Perhaps they are a creature of habit and can't start a morning without the pleasant and vaguely sexual defilement of a piece of fruit?

It has long occurred to me that I should be cataloguing these peels. My lack of camera hinders the archiving so I may have to break down and purchase a camera- a process I have recently started. Because I suffer from something vaguely similar to OCD it may take me a while. I am only in the fact gathering stage. In the meantime I continue to borrow the camera from work. And here you have the output of one day's walk....four different banana peels. These are all pretty old, but they seem to add to the story.

One of these days I will actually witness the serial banana peel thrower in action. In the meantime I will put these up for the amusement of my readers.


07_TeddyF_Silvey0 said...

More haste, less speed............................................................................

SMC said...

I'll have to ponder that comment for a while.

LYC said...

Maybe someone's trying to slip you up aye?