Thursday, November 5, 2009


I took this photo last fall on Route 103 in the middle of nowhere. It is one of those visual non-sequitors that I love. Santa in Autumn?

I have been feeling unsettled as of late and I can't quite put my finger on it. But I do recognize the symptoms as they have cropped up for me periodically in my life. I keep buying stuff as if I am trying to fill a hole. I am aware of it but I still allow myself to do it because it tends to run its course after a certain dollar amount..... and when I realize it doesn't solve any problems.

But in the meantime...... my wardrobe has gotten a serious updating!


smith kaich jones said...

I know this feeling. I paint the walls - sure that the perfect color, when I find it, will fix whatever needs to be fixed, usually something I can't identify.

And Santa in Autumn is just wrong - LOL!

:) Debi

SMC said...

I suppose paint would be another good way to fill a hole. Perhaps I will try that next time......and it burn off some physical energy too!

Michelle said...

nothing wrong with updating your closet. Especially after a purge.
and (this is me being you) don't you mean 'hole' instead of 'whole'?:)

SMC said...

Why Michelle... you are right. I did mean hole, but in some ways "whole" sort of seems right. Don't you think?

Michelle said..., But thats ok, I really don't mind typos and incorrect use of grammer! It adds character!