Friday, October 16, 2009

Killer Dog

I chose to park in a slightly different place that morning, thus changing my walk into work routine ever so slightly. Some construction has filled up the small side street where my business is located so I was a little distracted by the internal cursing in my head. "Why don't they ever think about the businesses they are disrupting? Would it kill them to not park all three major pieces of heavy equipment right in front of my entrance? If all 4 city workers choose to eat lunch on my stoop again complete with folding chairs and coolers spread out I am going to have to say something."

I barely noticed the small tug at the end of the leash tethering my precious little pooch Henry, but I did notice the shark like snap and cloud of feathers around him. Crunch, crunch. He was rolling the still peeping body of a sparrow around in his mouth trying to get a little traction to swallow the mouthful of bird. I don't know what I was thinking but I wrestled the bird from his mouth and left it on the sidewalk. Did I really think it would make it after such a mauling?

I know it is the way of the world... not so much eat or be eaten, but eat AND be eaten. There is many an animal in the woods who would make a quick snack of Henry or even me. But to be present at the dispatching is a little troubling. Was it cruel? No, it was swift and sure. It was also all instinct on his part. Food presented itself and he partook. I ,too, am a meat eater and understand that it means one less sentient creature in order to stoke my body. It is just one of those thoughts that rolls around and around in my head, not making sense.

And then I had chicken for dinner.


fishnet said...

well, perhaps your "precious little pooch" is a meat eater, but i doubt that includes birds. that is "sport killing" plain and simple. now you know that henry will kill for the sake of killing...the charles manson of the dog world... i would request that you keep him away from my sparrows, finches, etc. (let the blubirds beat them up, that's their job).

Blackswamp_Girl said...

The reason I keep coming back to visit your blog is that even when you put up posts like this, you're so darned amusing.

"And then I had chicken for supper." Love that! :)

SMC said...

BSG- We aim to please here at chez Rich Inner Life. Sometimes I worry that people don't catch those little asides.... but now I know at least one person does!