Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Failure of Imagination

I have a friend, maybe even friends, who are dealing with big decisions. It is heart breaking to hear about and watch. The anguish is sometimes too much for me.

Like a lot of women, I want to make it better, but can't. To top it all off I am not a particularly demonstrative person so I am guessing my friends look at me as the rational one. I tend to offer solutions to help people through the maze.... no doubt exposing the two semesters of graduate school when I thought I wanted to be a counselor.

It all makes me think of decisions gone awry in my own life. I think some choices were due to a real failure of imagination. I have made choices I can only regret; paths not taken because I couldn't envision the possible outcome. I have to wonder why I chose things that didn't take advantage of the most I have to offer... and the best that I could be.

My fallback position is the status quo.


smith kaich jones said...

I think you're not alone in this, even among those who could envision possible outcomes. The status quo is a comfortable place to be; we know all the rocks in the road, we can find our way in the dark, even while wishing the sun would come out. Maybe a girl thing - I don't know.

I just quoted a line from Out of Africa in the middle of my post today, without referencing its source; no doubt people will think me goofier than normal. But it is a wonderful line - when the water Karen has worked so hard to keep dammed up finally breaks through, she at last acknowledges what the tribesmen have been telling her all along. Let it go, she says, this water lives in Mombasa anyway. Sometimes there is nothing we can do but let what is happening happen. It is the way of the world, the rightness. Let it go.

And take care.

:) Debi

Michelle said... have OTHER friends?
Well, that is what growing and learning is all about.
Seriously though, you will have to fill me in on these 'other' friends later.

Michelle said...

..Oh wait... I get it... I am one of these women whose life is going to hell....but back to these other friends....